Call For Proposal

Call For proposals Final

1. Background and Purpose

 In January 2022 the EU (European Union) awarded the FHR (Foundation for Human Rights) and LVA (Lawyers Against Abuse) a grant for “Addressing the lack of accountability for gender- based violence and femicide (GBVF) in 18 selected communities in South Africa”. We will refer to this programme as the “Masibambisane” programme.

The main objectives of the Masibambisane programme are:

  • Improved measurement of incidence and root causes of GBVF;
  • Effective prosecutions of GBVF offenders by improving co-ordination between key actors, including civil society, SAPS, the NPA and frontline medical and social work personnel;
  • Improve the capacity of civil society so that CSOs are able to hold (local) government accountable;
  • Through collective action change the attitudes within communities (in particular misogyny, patriarchy and a general culture of violence) that underpin GBVF;
  • Implement mechanisms that allow the state and civil society to effectively monitor the delivery of services to victims of GBVF, and hence to take collective responsibility for the improvement of those services.

The Masibambisane programme will be implemented in the following 18 areas:

  1. Mthatha (Eastern Cape)
  2. Kwamagxaki (Eastern Cape)
  3. Bloemfontein (Free State)
  4. Botshabelo (Free State)
  5. Newlands (Johannesburg, Gauteng)
  6. Orlando East (Gauteng)
  7. Durban (KZN)
  8. Mpophomeni (KZN)
  9. Waterfall (KZN)
  10. Giyani (Limpopo)
  11. Mohodi Ga-Manthata (Limpopo)
  12. Plessislaer (KZN)
  13. Secunda (Mpumalanga)
  14. Daggakraal (Mpumalanga)
  15. Phatsima (North West)
  16. Welgevonden (Gauteng)
  17. De Aar (Northern Cape)
  18. Langa (Western Cape)

 One component of the programme is to partner with and support locally-based CBOs with demonstrated experience of implementing GBVF activities in these areas. Through this call for proposals we intend to identify and contract with local partners in each of the 18 areas. Each of the potential partners will propose and deliver interventions (including awareness and advocacy campaigns) to address behavioural changes in their community. The FHR and LVA will provide technical support with respect to the final design and implementation of these interventions, with the understanding that programmes must take into account local conditions. The technical support will include access to training materials, capacity-building sessions for staff members, on-going counselling and legal support, and project management support.

2. Qualifying Organisations

 This call is aimed at organisations that

  • Are registered as a NPO
  • Have a track-record of conducting gender-justice activities within one of the 18 areas listed above.

Women and/or youth-led partners are encouraged to apply.

3. Activities Supported

 The following activities are eligible for support under this call:

  • Establishment of and coordination of the work local steering committees or other community fora to raise awareness of GBVF.
  • The design, implementation or evaluation of GBV awareness raising or capacity-building interventions.
  • Advocacy and lobbying.
  • Civil society mobilisation.
  • Research interventions, including environmental scans. 

4. Duration of Contract

  Successful applicants will be supported for three years, subject to satisfactory implementation of the proposed activities.

 5How to Apply

 Your application should include the following:

5.1 Overview

 A brief history of your organisation, the area in which it operates, and the types of interventions it has led or participated in.

5.2  Staffing

 Please provide a list of staff members (including their current roles) and a list of Board members.

5.3  Proposed Interventions

 Briefly describe the types of interventions your organisation intends to implement over the next three years. These should include, but are not limited to:

  • Awareness raising
  • Community and CSO mobilisation
  • Monitoring of GBVF
  • Support for survivors

Include details about the specific localities/areas in which interventions will take place.

5.4  Budget

 We estimate that direct financial support to participating organisations will be limited to R 90,000 per annum.

Please include a high-level budget for each year of the project using the following template:


       Year 1

      Year 2

      Year 3

Human Resources


Operational Costs


Programme Costs



  • Human resources costs include salaries for full-time and part-time staff Please exclude costs for any staff members who are employed by a local, provincial or national government department, whether in full-time, part-time or contract employment.
  • Operational costs include rent, communication, office stationery, insurance, and computer. This programme will not support the purchase of any motor vehicles.
  • Programme costs include travel and accommodation costs for staff undertaking advocacy or awareness raising work, venue hire, per diem allowances, and the production of programme materials (including newsletter, posters or pamphlets).

 6.  Notes to Respondents

  1. The FHR has produced this document in good faith. However, the FHR, its agents and its employees do not warrant its accuracy or completeness. The Foundation will not be liable for any claim whatsoever and howsoever arising (including, without limitation, any claim in contract, delict or otherwise) for any incorrect or misleading information contained in this document due to any misinterpretation of this document.
  2. The award of the final contract is subject to the negotiation of an implementation plan and budget between the FHR and the organisation and the completion of a due diligence report where required.
  3. The FHR reserves the right to modify these requirements. Any changes or modifications to this document shall be made available in an electronic format by the FHR. Applicants will be informed of any changes or modifications and shall be responsible for further collection of documents if
  4. The FHR at its sole discretion, reserves the right to:
  • Request additional information from all or any applicant;
  • Enter into further negotiations with all or any applicant; and
  • Extend the process, including calling for new submissions
  1. The FHR furthermore reserves the right not to make any award following this request and/or to withdraw the request at any stage prior to finalising a contract.

7.  Procedure for queries, timeline and deadline for submission

 All queries must be communicated to and applications submitted via e-mail to by no later than 16h00 on Friday, 25 March 2022.

A PDF version of the advert can be downloaded from this link:

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