Fort Calata Foundation remembers Cradock 4 on 36th anniversary of their death

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27 June 2021

27 June 2021 marks 36 years since the murders of Fort Calata, Matthew Goniwe, Sparrow Mkonto and Sicelo Mhlauli. The four anti-aparthed activists were killed by apartheid state security forces while returning home from a meeting of the UDF in then Port Elizabeth now known as Gqebehra. They became known as the Cradock 4.

The Fort Calata Foundation honours their lives, sacrifice and legacy by remembering them, not only
on this day, but also on the other significant days in the timeline of the Cradock 4 story. The
Foundation will do so through a public education campaign that marks key dates in the three week
period between their disappearance and their funeral on 20 July 1985.

The murders of the Calata, Goniwe, Mkontho and Mhlauli were a turning point in the struggle against
apartheid. Through celebrating their lives, the Foundation hopes to have the same impact in
educating the younger generations about the price of South Africa’s freedom, paid for by the blood
of our martyrs.

The Fort Calata Foundation also reaffirms its commitment to pursuing justice for their lives, despite
the many obstacles and delays imposed by both the apartheid and the democratic governments of
South Africa.

For queries contact: Lukhanyo Calata 082 394 6481



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