Tribute to Mkhululi Mazula

The Foundation for Human Rights (FHR) learnt with great shock, disbelief and sadness of your tragic departure this past Saturday, June 19, 2021. As we are under the grip of the COVID 19 third wave and we and our families are slowly healing from wounds inflicted by the passing of our relatives, we were not expecting another manmade tragedy. You have played your role within the social justice sector with great conviction, commitment and kindness. You are leaving South Africa at the time of a great need for selfless social activism given the unaddressed and persisting socio- economic challenges that are threatening to erode the gains of the 1994 transition to democracy.

At FHR we will always remember you as a colleague, friend and a committed comrade within the social justice and human rights sector. There are no words that could describe our sense of loss and grief but we are comforted by great memories of you and your work, which we will cherish forever. The Community Advice Office (CAO) sector has lost its great ally, friend and champion. We will miss your support and understanding as you faced the CAO sector’s daily challenges with humility and patience. We can’t take the pain away, but we all have a responsibility to pick up where you left off in your endeavours to deliver social justice for all.

We are sending our heartfelt thoughts to the family and friends in this time of sorrow and mourning. Mkhululi might be gone but will never be forgotten.



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Barbara Gittings, American activist for LGBT equality