Foundation for Human Rights Supervisory Board Members Embrace Covid-19 Vaccinations

Johannesburg 17 May 2021 – Having registered through the government website the Foundation for Human Rights Members of the Supervisory Board took their first doses of the two-part Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine at the Elphine Lodge Old Age Home in Lyndhurst. This is part of the government’s Phase 2 vaccination rollout programme targeting people who are 60 years or older.

Gauteng Education MEC Dr. Panyaza Lesufi oversaw the start of the second phase of the vaccination programme saying that the “rollout has been emotional the level of excitement since we’ve started with the first step is amazing. But the opposite side is painful. Someone will say, if only it had arrived earlier, my friend would be alive, if only it had arrived earlier, my grandparent would be alive. But it was not an easy task”.

Dr. Pali Lehohla said “we need to vaccinate in order to defeat the Covid-19 pandamic, I am above 60 years and privileged to have this kind of treatment. But everyone else needs to be vaccinated like I’ve done. My message to fellow South Africans is to ensure all of us vaccinate against this pandemic.”

Ms. Shirley Mabusel said “everyone should vaccinate especially those who are over 60 years and those who still have reservations about the vaccine”. She went on to say that access to healthcare is a right, under Section 27 of the Constitution.

The Foundation for Human Rights and its Board strongly encourage elderly citizens who have not yet been vaccinated to do so, and ask the youth to assist the elderly in registering. Getting vaccinated protects you, your family and your friends, and is the right thing to do. The government has a Constitutional responsibility to make vaccines available to all people living in South Africa and the FHR urges government to increase vaccine rollout to all vulnerable groups.

If you are over 60 and registered for your COVID-19 vaccine, you can expect:

  • An SMS confirming your registration.
  • A second SMS with an appointment date and the place.
  • Get vaccinated with your first dose.
  • Proof of vaccination card.
  • An appointment date for your second dose.

As we move forward with phase 2, remember to:

  • Take your ID and present second SMS, or the unique code on the scheduled day.
  • Arrive on the scheduled day of your booking. Not on a different day.
  • Walk ins are not permitted



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