Over 150 community advice offices meet in Pretoria to discuss the regulatory framework for the CAO Sector

The Workshop was the latest in a series of developments related to the adoption of the Regulatory Framework for the CAO sector, as driven by DOJ&CD with the support and assistance of the Foundation for Human Rights and the Community Advice Offices South Africa (CAOSA). On 9 March 2020, over 150 CAOs from across the country, representatives of CAOSA, and other stakeholders gathered in Pretoria to discuss the 2020 Draft Policy Paper on the Regulation of the CAO Sector and to provide further inputs and recommendations on the proposed regulatory solutions. The 2020 Draft Policy Paper on the Regulation of the CAO Sector was developed taking into account inputs and recommendations collected during the national and provincial workshop held between April and June 2019. This document sets out the State’s proposal for the regulation of the CAO sector. 

The Deputy Minister of Justice, Hon John Jeffrey gave a key-note address and reiterated government’s commitment to regulating the sector, which has been critical in improving access to justice for the most vulnerable and marginalized. Ms Kalay Pillay, the then Deputy Director General at DoJ&CD spoke about the legislative process going forward, and Mr Zwelibanzi Hlatshwayo, the President of CAOSA, expressed support for the process while stressing that some concerns exist in relation to the Regulatory Framework. Dr Zaid Kimmie from the FHR explained the reasons behind the workshop and what was expected from the participants. He also set out the main points for discussion. Following the presentations, the participants split into groups, where they debated the most contentious issues related to the Regulatory Framework for the CAO sector. 
In light of the turnout and the constructive discussions, the FHR believes that the workshop was a successful intervention, which created a channel for meaningful inputs and recommendations. The FHR team analysed these inputs and recommendations, and produced a Consolidated Report from the Workshop.



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