The FHR has summarized Constitutional Court decisions impacting on the following socio-economic rights:

  • Section 26, which guarantees the right to have access to adequate housing;
  • Section 27, which deals with the right to have access to sufficient potable water and sanitation, as well as the right to have access to appropriate social security if someone is unable to support themselves; and
  • Section 29, which states that everyone has the right to basic education.

In addition to the booklet on summaries of the Constitutional Court decisions, the FHR has also developed a train-the-trainer manual to raise awareness of the relevant judgments amongst local authorities and government functionaries in municipalities. 

The FHR has given the National School of Government permission to use the #Keepitconstitutional animation series, the civil servant workbook, and the training manual to develop a training course for public servants that will be offered online.



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