Human rights under Covid-19: FHR intervenes to assist victims of an alleged human trafficking case

Following a radio interview that FHR conducted on human rights under Covid-19, a case of human trafficking involving two young women was reported.

The women had received a call from a ‘friend’ to come to Cape Town for domestic work opportunities. The women were from Mpumalanga Province, and on arrival at the Cape Town station the ‘friend’ could no longer answer phone calls. A ‘good Samaritan’ appeared to assist with temporary accommodation. The FHR was alerted by the two women following the radio interview in which FHR participated. FHR contacted a number of institutions such as Department of Justice and Constitutional Development and civil society organizations (CSOs), and referred the women for assistance. The women were rescued and are safe in a shelter after spending a few days with the ‘good Samaritan’ under dubious conditions.

The incident occurred during the 7 days window period, where the country opened movement across provinces in May 2020. One of the two young women has been repatriated safely home this week, as reported by her husband, who expressed gratitude to all those who helped.



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