FHR participates in the Mzansi for South Sudan campaign

#Mzansi4SouthSudan Campaign. 

#Mzansi4SouthSudan is a campaign established in partnership with Crisis Action and Amandla Mobi during Women’s Month in August 2019 to express solidarity with women affected by sexual and gender-based violence in South Sudan. Its purpose is to take collective action and call for accountability, transitional justice and redress for survivors of sexual and gender-based violence. As part of this campaign the FHR coordinated and facilitated a meeting between civil society organizations and a South Sudanese delegation from South Sudan Human Rights Defenders Network. The discussion centered on the challenges that civil society organizations experience working in conflict and post-conflict environments, possible strategies for collaboration, building solidarity, and strengthening our collective actions to demand accountability for victims of human rights violations.  Members of the delegation shared their experiences and the challenges of activism in South Sudan, where the state is very repressive and fundamental freedoms such as the right to freedom of expression are curtailed. Members of the South Sudanese delegation spoke about instances when human rights defenders are abducted, disappeared or killed for speaking out against sexual and gender-based violence. They observed that sState authorities openly deny factual reports and statistics on sexual and gender-based violence, and this makes it even harder to work with government to effectively address these issues. This is happening, despite the fact that South Sudan has developed a National Action Plan in accordance with UNSCR 1325 (2015-2020). The provisions of this plan have not yet been fully implemented.



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Barbara Gittings, American activist for LGBT equality