In March 2020, the FHR launched a website on the “Unfinished Business of the TRC. The idea of having a dedicated website for TRC matters was firstly conceptualized following the completion of the inquest into the death in detention of anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Timol. Back then, it was pointed out that there should exist a single repository of information in relation to criminal accountability for apartheid-era crimes. Accordingly, the website addresses the ‘Unfinished Business of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)’. It is a repository of information on the victims of apartheid-era atrocities and their families’ struggle for justice, truth, and reparations. This website is also a reminder that addressing impunity and injustice is critical for any society to move forward from its past.

The website is meant to perform multiple functions, including raising awareness about apartheid and serious crimes committed during this period; creating a space for opinion-sharing (once the blog function becomes available); providing detailed information on the victims of apartheid as well as legal proceedings and cases; and collating documents and records from legal proceedings. It was also created with a view to having a space for advocacy campaigns and information-sharing on the latest news in relation to TRC matters, and important international developments on the accountability for grave crimes. Most importantly, the website was meant to serve as a memorial to those who gave their lives for a free and democratic South Africa.



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