Challenging Hunger: A workbook for bulk-buying groups

The purpose of this book

This workbook was written for use by community educators and self-organised community groups interested in understanding and claiming the right to food. It brings together information about the South African food system and unpacks critically how this system works. It positions bulk-buying as a democratic collective activity which has the potential to challenge the existing food system by reorganising food distribution to poor people in urban and rural areas.

The book gives ideas and activities for community educators and self-organising community groups. These ideas and activities will help group members to learn about the right to food, and how, together, they can challenge the problem of hunger.

The book sets out ways to understand and analyse the problem of hunger. By looking at the right to food and the problem of hunger from different angles, groups can decide for themselves how they want to mobilise and organise against the issue of hunger and claim the right to food. Bulk-buying is one of a range of responses which we will discuss in this book.

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